Tracey Middlekauff for culture: the word on cheese
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Tray of baked chilaquiles next to a plate of chilaquiles topped with a fried egg

Baked Chicken Chilaquiles

This classic Mexican breakfast of fried tortillas, chile sauce, and eggs gets the casserole treatment with Spanish fideo pasta and habanero Jack cheese

gnocchi made from purple potatoes baked in cheesy custard and served on a white plate

Blue Gnocchi Bake

Homemade gnocchi gets the four-star treatment when made with blue potatoes and baked in rich, cheesy custard

individual baking dish filled with hearty steak and guinness macaroni and cheese

Guinness & Steak Mac & Cheese

An American classic meets British steak-and-Guinness pie in this hearty Guinness & Steak Mac ‘n’ Cheese

baked pasta dish with gorgonzola, ham, swiss chard, and parmesan

Black Forest Bake

It doesn’t get much more comforting than this back forest casserole of ham, Swiss chard, Gorgonzola, and spaetzle pasta