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Virginia White recently graduated Wellesley College with a degree in Classical Studies and a focus in printmaking. Taking her passion for Classics abroad, she loves anything made with authentic Greek feta or Italian mozzarella.

Shop Talk: Fourchette

Since opening in 2013, Fourchette has focused on international wedges and wheels. The couple behind Fourchette bring in foods discovered during their travels as unique treats for their customers.

8 Cheese Artists to Follow on Instagram Immediately

Portrait of Sriracha Gouda by Mike Geno Famed poet G. K. Chesterton once wrote: “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” Thankfully, the same cannot be said of artists in other mediums. We’ve rounded up 7 painters and sculptors who have turned their adoration for cheese into beautiful works of art. Upgrade your Instagram […]

gentle harvest

Shop Talk: Gentle Harvest in Marshall, Va

Gentle Harvest offers up a variety of carefully-curated cheese, farm-fresh produce, and local meat in a former bank building in Marshall, Virginia.

Little House on the Prairie and Cheesemaking in America’s Dairyland

If you grew up reading Little House on the Prairie or watching its adaptation on TV, the name is likely to trigger some serious nostalgia. Laura Ingalls Wilder a.k.a. “America’s favorite pioneer girl” found fame chronicling her family’s migration across the Midwest in the late 19th century. Tales of sweeping plains, Native American encounters, and hostilities borne […]


Shop Talk: Stanzeski’s in Georgetown, TX

In Georgetown, Texas, Stanzeski’s Cheese, Wine & Charcuterie is a retirement plan and passion project in action.

blue cheese cocktail

In Queso You Missed It February 18th

Have you been tuned into the Olympics? We sure have – and watching the world’s best athletes do all that work sure makes us hungry. Take a moment to decompress with some me-plus-cheese time. Here’s all the cheesy news you might have missed this week: Ever dreamed of cuddling a baby goat? Caromont Farms in […]

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