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8 Cheese Artists to Follow on Instagram Immediately

Portrait of Sriracha Gouda by Mike Geno

Famed poet G. K. Chesterton once wrote: “Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.” Thankfully, the same cannot be said of artists in other mediums. We’ve rounded up 7 painters and sculptors who have turned their adoration for cheese into beautiful works of art.

Upgrade your Instagram feed and embrace the work of artists honoring cheese beyond the world of food photography.

Storico Ribelle cheese made in Valtellina, Italy. Photo courtesy of @pinocoteca, photographed by Matteo Ternavasio.

A beautiful man, a beautiful cheese. Gabriele Pino hand paints wheels of cheese, making us all wonder, “who needs labels?”

From rind to paste nothing is overlooked.

Cheese goes mini with Dylan Stanfield’s creations. With 10 years of cheesemaking experience, Stanfield uses his knowledge of cheesemaking to make accurate miniature representations of your favorite cheese. You can find and purchase more of @tinycowcreamery’s work here.

Cheese Artist and Sculptor @jvmp_foodsculpt

Photo courtesy of @jvmp_foodsculpt.

Husband and wife duo Jim Victor and Marie Pelton carve dairy dreams into reality—from minuscule statues to towering sculptures. They also craft their art pieces out of chocolate and teach food sculpting classes too. You can find more of @jvmp_foodsculpt’s work here.

Cheese Artist Christian Furr

Photo of Cashel Blue by Moonlight courtesy of Christian Furr and Bridgeman Images.

Feeling moody?  Feeling cheesy? Need more drama in your life? Christian Furr’s paintings are perfect for you. Check out more of @ChristianFurr’s work here.

carved cheese sculpture from French Cheese Board

Photo courtesy of JJ Pallot Ichetkar.

Have you ever dreamed of a house made of cheese? Well, we are one step closer with Ich&Kar’s architectural achievements. Check out more of @ichetkar’s work here and read our piece about how it’s made here.

Photo courtesy of @marioyoelfiestas.

How about a cheese-shaped home for your feathery friends? Mario Yoel Fiestas’s one-of-a-kind birdhouses are the modern homes Tweety Bird needs and deserves.

Daniele cuts more than just cheese: from soap to broccoli to avocados he does it all.

Every party needs cheese, flowers, and a cake. What about all three in one place? Artist Daniele Baresi carves flowers into wheels and even stacks of wheels. Check out more of @danielebarresi_artist’s work here.

This portrait of a Cambozola Wheel is available for purchase.

One of the most prolific cheese artists out there, artist Mike Geno makes textured frame-worthy paintings that make us drool. Click here for more of @mikegenostudio’s work.


Did we miss your favorite cheese artist? Let us know in the comments!

Virginia White

Virginia White recently graduated Wellesley College with a degree in Classical Studies and a focus in printmaking. Taking her passion for Classics abroad, she loves anything made with authentic Greek feta or Italian mozzarella.

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