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Cheese-with-a-cause from Vermont shines at ACS awards 2017

vermont cheese

Named after the French valley that inspired it, Tarentaise reserve, a semi-hard washed rind Vermont cheese from Farms for City Kids/Spring Brook Farm, was adjudged Best of the Show at American Cheese Society 2017.
This is the second time that Tarentaise has finished top of the podium in this category at the ACS annual conference. The last time was in 2014.

Though the original cheesemaker for this Vermont alpine is Spring Brook Farm, the Tarentaise reserve is made by its educational, nonprofit arm – Farms for City Kids foundation.

Farms For City Kids is a unique educational program combining classroom studies with firsthand farming experience to give urban kids an understanding of how vital academics are to daily lives.

All profits from the sale of Spring Brook Farm’s Tarentaise are used to support the mission of the foundation.
According to Spring Brook Farm, depending on the season, the flavor of Tarentaise ranges from a complex, nutty flavor of the winter cheese to a bright floral taste in the summer.

Tarentaise is usually sold at 9 months of age.

The second place at the Best of the Show, ACS 2017, went to St Malachi, The Farm at Doe Run, Pennsylvannia.
St. Malachi is also an Alpine-style cow’s milk cheese but with a firm washed rind. 

The Flavors are buttery and fruity, with a caramel richness, hints of salt and grass, and a long finish.

The third spot went to Harbison, a soft ripened cheese with a rustic bloomy rind, from the Jasper Hill Cellars.

St malachi cheese

St Malachi, The Farm at Doe Run, Pennsylvania

Harbison cheese

Harbison, Cellar at Jasper Hill, Vermont

BEST OF SHOW ACS 2017, Denver, Colorado


Tarentaise Reserve
Farms For City Kids Foundation/Spring Brook Farm, Vermont
Original Cheesemakers: Spring Brook Farm Team


St. Malachi
The Farm at Doe Run, Pennsylvania
Original Cheesemakers: Matt Hettlinger and Samuel Kennedy


Cellars at Jasper Hill, Vermont
Original Cheesemaker: Mateo Kehler

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