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‘Cream of Vermont’ Bags Gold At World Cheese Awards

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 Vermont Creamery struck gold yet again at the World Cheese Awards, held on November 11. Hosted by the Guild of Fine Food in London, Vermont Creamery was recognized for excellence with seven World Cheese Awards, including a Super Gold for Cremont, at the annual competition.

“It is a tremendous honor to be recognized on the world stage,” said Adeline Druart, President of Vermont Creamery. “These accolades reflect the rigor, diligence, and passion of our cheesemakers and are a testament to the dedication and talent of our entire team.”

Named for the “Cream of Vermont”, Cremont is a double-cream, aged cheese made from a mix of goats’ and cows’ milk and is ranked among the top 66 cheeses in the world. Vermont Creamery is one of only six American cheesemakers to win Super Gold in 2017. The Creamery has won 14 World Cheese Awards since 2011. 

Besides Cremont, the other winners from the creamery were Coupole, which also bagged a gold, Bijou took home a silver, Bonne Bouche, Crème Fraîche, fresh herb goat cheese and vanilla crème fraîche all took bronze awards. This is the third World Cheese Award for both Bijou and Coupole and the third for Cremont. This is the second World Cheese Award for both Vanilla Crème Fraiche and Bonne Bouche.

Now in its 30th year, the World Cheese Awards is the largest international cheese competition in the world. This year, 250 judges from 29 different nations, assessed over 3,000 cheeses from 35 countries.

This year, cheesemakers from the United Kingdom further solidified their position in the world of cheese with huge wins at the Awards—the biggest coming for a maker from Southwest England.

Cornish Kern, a dark-rind, cow-milk Cornish cheese from Lynher Dairies in West Cornwall, won World Champion Cheese 2017-18. The medium-hard cheese, which scored 75 points out of a possible 80,  is matured for around 16 months and is described as “buttery with caramel notes and a deep savory aroma”.

 Sixty-six separate teams awarded bronze, silver and gold awards to cheeses in a variety of styles before each choosing a Super Gold to put before the Super Jury judging panel. The panel – which featured experts from the UK, Japan, South Africa, Mexico, France, Italy and Sweden – then narrowed the selection down to just 16. Each of these was tasted and scored in front of a live audience and broadcast across the world. 
To see the full list of winners, visit https://gff.co.uk/.


With inputs from Business Insider UK


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