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Table of Contents: Spring 2018

SPRING '18 Cover


Cornish Kern
This uber-flaky wheel was recently named the best in the world.
By Rebecca Haley-Park

Salad Gold
Want to take your leafy greens to the next level? Simple: add cheese.
By Molly Shuster

Okanagan Opportunity
This corner of British Columbia offers something for everyone— especially cheese lovers.
By Steffani Cameron

By the Sea
Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Company stays rooted in terroir amidst an expansion.
By Christina Mueller

Out of the Blue
Externally rinded blue cheeses are a stunning (and delicious) growing trend.
By Molly McDonough

Reggiana Revival
A special version of Parmigiano Reggiano is helping save an ancient breed of cattle.
By Molly McDonough

Culture Cooks

In Season
Collard greens are versatile kitchen companions.
A Cheese Plate
Celebrate the season with goat cheeses of all styles.
Can Do
Indulge your inner child with a glass of DIY strawberry milk.
Cheese Remix
Up your grilled cheese game with several spins on the classic sandwich.
Chef’s Dish
Seattle’s Edouardo Jordan lets his Southern roots shine
One Cheese, Five Ways
Mascarpone adds richness to soups, pannacotta, chicken, and more.


Ask Culture
Cheese expert Gianaclis Caldwell explains why you should never eat cheese straight out of the fridge and schools us on the real meaning of “sharp.”
Beer with Cheese

Brett-fermented beers have made funk mainstream.
Wine with Cheese
Four options for sipping alongside Stilton. 
Kristen Kish talks curds, chefs, and chicken fingers.
Cheese IQ
Cheesemaking byproducts are fueling homes and businesses.
Farm Animal
Water buffalo have made a name for themselves in Italy.
“Government cheese” provides warm memories.

New & Noteworthy

New on the Market
Discover just-released cheeses, accompaniments, and more.
Cheese Bites
Catch up on recent cheese news, fun facts, and other tidbits.
Behind The Label
Central Coast Creamery’s Dream Weaver is California cool.
Cheese Lit
In-house reviews of three curd-related books.
Wheys Less Travelled
This Georgian cultured dairy is a purported hangover cure.
Every festival, holiday, and shows turophiles should know.
Shop Talk
Meet knockout purveyors out in Washington, DC, Damariscotta, Maine, and Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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