Table of Contents: Winter 2017 | culture: the word on cheese
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Table of Contents: Winter 2017


Baked In
Give your holiday cookies a cheesy twist with these five simple recipes. Read More>>

By Leigh Belanger. Photos: Beryl Striewski

Holding The Fort
Affinage company Gourmino is making good use of an abandoned military fort. Read More>>

By Molly McDonough. Photos: Tom Trachsel

Blue Blood
A team of true pioneers, Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers looks forward to the next generation.

By Chris Allsop. Photos: Denis Vahey

Smooth Moves
Raclette is the “it” meal of winter—explore our guide to the Swiss cheese in all its forms.  Read More >>

By Molly McDonough. Photos: Nina Gallant



In Season
Cruciferous cauliflower loves melty cheese.
A Cheese Plate
Stay in with this spread on Valentine’s Day and thank us later.
Käse Study
Discover the best markets, restaurants, and cheese shops in ever-evolving Berlin.
Man on a Mission
Entrepreneur Omer Eltigani highlights cheese in Sudanese dishes. Read More >>
Winter Warmer
Comforting fontina stars in these approachable recipes.


Beer With Cheese
Sweet, burly barely wines will warm your bones this winter. Read More>>
Wine With Cheese
Fondue and Chasselas forever? Think again.


Farm Animal
Gulf Coast sheep are native to the south. Read more>>
Raw milk evangelist Bronwen Percival chats cheese. Read more>>
Cheese Talk
Creole cream cheese is seeing a resurgence in Louisiana.
Cheese IQ
How do cheese competitions reflect global trends?


Shop Talk
Meet knockout purveyors in Montana, Oregon, and Halifax, Canada.

Can Do

Stretch Goals
Make homemade string cheese your next vacation project.
A Matter of Fat
Duck Confit is more than just delicious—it’s an ingenious preservation technique. 


Ask Culture
>What are the differences between cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milk?
>What makes a cheese non-GMO?
Processed American singles serve as a trip down memory lane.


Behind The Label
Cypress Grove Lamb Chopper: “Lamb chopper riding his Harley through the redwoods and poppies”
Wheys Less Travelled
Chasing Poutine: In Quebec, cuisines old and new meld together—beneath gravy

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