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Table of Contents: Summer 2018


Belper Knolle
Rolled in black pepper and studded with garlic, this unique Swiss cheese is the ultimate flavor bomb.
By Rebecca Haley-Park

Tapas Time
Cheese plays a starring role in these iconic Spanish snacks.
By Rebecca Haley-Park

Un Otro Mondo
Cheese in the Canary Islands—a Spanish archipelago off the Moroccan coast—is a world apart.
By Molly McDonough

The Good Shepherdess
The women of Missouri’s Green Dirt Farm are forging their own path—with cheese.
By Brandi Wills

Culture Change
A new age of craft yogurt has arrived in the United States.
By Bettina Makalintal

Mongolian Milk
Climate and cultural change are wreaking havoc on the country’s dairy traditions.
By Kara Kaminski-Killiany and Molly McDonough

Culture Cooks

In Season
Juicy cherries beg for fresh summer cheese.
A Cheese Plate
A Georgia shop curates a peach-themed platter.
Can Do
Cultured sour cream is a next-level taco topping.
Cheese Remix
Shake up your quiche with five flavor riffs.
Chef’s Dish
Madrid local Paco Pajares runs the show at Poncelet Cheese Bar.
One Cheese, Five Ways
Creamy, decadent burrata tops gazpacho, steak, and more.


Ask Culture
Rory Stamp of Dedalus Wine Shop, Market, and Wine Bar in Burlington, VT answers your burning questions.
Beer with Cheese
The ideal wedges for crisp Belgian wit.
Wine with Cheese
Easy ways to pair vino with Manchego.
Chef Ashley Christensen knows mac and cheese.
Cheese IQ
Is this Swiss wheel the oldest in the world?
Farm Animal
Meet France’s most famous bovine breed.
A Tinder date at Beecher’s gone wrong.

New & Noteworthy

New on the Market
Discover just-released cheeses, accompaniments, and more.
Cheese Bites
Catch up on recent cheese news, fun facts, and other tidbits.
Behind The Label
Der Scharfe Maxx has packaging as bold as its flavor.
Cheese Lit
In-house reviews of three curd-related books.
Wheys Less Travelled
Belizean cheese dip is simple yet satisfying.
Every festival, holiday, and shows turophiles should know.
Shop Talk
Meet knockout purveyors out in Gloucester, MADenver, CO, and West Allis, WI.

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