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Table of Contents: Winter 2018

Winter 2018


Discover how the “granddaddy of stinky cheese” is uniquely American
by Molly McDonough

Culture Cooks

In Season
Grapefruit and buttermilk brighten up winter days.
Cheese Plate
Pair cheese with pie for an epic dessert spread.
Can Do
Make your holiday cheese sauce now, relax later.
Cheese Remix
Five succulent spins on cozy mac and cheese.
Chef’s Dish
New York’s Brushland Eating House serves up cheesy comfort food.
One Cheese, Five Ways
Smoked cheddar adds depth and tang to biscuits, strata, and more


Ask Culture
How do I gift cheese? Why are washed rinds orange?

Beer with Cheese
Coffee stouts sing with curds.

Wine with Cheese
Buy these bottles when serving Limburger.

Fresh cultured dairy and fermentation are food pillars for Bonnie Morales.

Cheese IQ
So what’s the deal with cheese crystals?

A meal of melty raclette brings together disparate cultures.

New & Noteworthy

New on the Market
Discover just-released cheeses, accompaniments, and more.

Cheese Bites
Catch up on recent cheese news, fun facts, and other tidbits.

Behind the Label
An iconic French image stands the test of time.

Cheese Lit
In-house reviews of three curd-related books.

Farm Animal
Alpine Dairy Goats are behind many a chèvre.

Wheys Less Traveled
Adding cheese to coffee in Colombia.

Every festival, holiday, and show turophiles should know.

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