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5 Things We Learned from the 2015 American Cheese Society Conference: Saturday

The culture team has been going hard this past couple days at the American Cheese Society Conference in Providence, R.I.—copious new dairy knowledge, wild parties, little sleep, and a lot of cheese. We’re looking forward to tonight’s Festival of Cheese (featuring over 1,600 artisan curds), and we’ll hold onto today’s informational tidbits for as long as our brains will allow. We’ll miss you, #ACSCheeseCamp—see you guys next year in Des Moines!

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  1. One out of four people can’t taste bitter compounds.
  2. If cider was considered a craft beer style, it would be the second best-selling in the United States, behind only IPAs.
  3. A cow’s gut is far from the number-one contributor of microbes in raw milk—80% come from udders and the external environment.
  4. It’s more profitable to make cheese from cow’s milk than from goat’s or sheep’s milk.
  5. Jersey cows were originally bred to make butter.

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