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Blog for Goat Cheeses of France!

Hey you food bloggers!

Goat Cheeses of France, the official campaign for spreading the word on the tasty goodness of French chèvre, is collaborating with culture on a series of online posts detailing how to cook and pair French goat’s milk cheeses. We want you to blog for us!

So what’s the deal?

Five lucky food bloggers will receive two French goat cheeses each: one to use in a recipe of your make and/or choosing and one to pair with a complementary condiment or accoutrement. You’ll write up a post with your recipe and pairing (to be published on your blog and the culture website), and you’ll be given a veritable goodie bag of five goat cheeses, official recipe and trivia cards, and—wait for it—French goat cheese temporary tattoos to be given away as a prize to your readers.

What’s in it for you?

  1. Free cheese: You’ll be shipped direct free pyramids, logs, and cute little buttons straight from the cheesy motherland yourself to cook and pair.
  2. Giveaway: Complimentary cheese for yourself is great and all, but we don’t stop there. You’ll get the aforementioned Goat Cheeses of France giveaway to engage your audience and be the blogger equivalent of the kid who brought cupcakes to school, all without paying a dime. (Did we mention those temporary tattoos?)
  3. Exposure: We don’t know how to put this, but the culture website is kind of a big deal, and your writing will be hosted right here for all to see. Our homepage is visited by thousands of unique readers each day, and those eyes will be directed to your writing (as well as a link back to your blog). We’ll be promoting you on our social media feeds including Facebook and Twitter to boot.

Sound like a plan, Stan? Send an email to foodeditor@culturecheesemag.com with your name, blog URL, and 250 words or less telling us why you’re the guy or gal for the job.

We’ll announce the winners on August 5th—best of luck!

Feature Photo Credit: Goat Cheeses of France

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