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Cheese Goals 2019: Eat Cheese for Breakfast

What could be a better New Year’s resolution than “eat cheese for breakfast”? It’s specific, identifies the occasion and frequency, and it holds me accountable. And quite honestly, it makes a mighty fine addition to a morning routine.  

Sure, there’s the iconic bagel and cream cheese—but don’t limit yourself to the silver tub when there’s fromage blanc (I love Face Rock Creamery’s version) and goat cheese (Vermont Creamery’s Everything could even be enjoyed sans bagel) that spread just as beautifully over a crackled, toasty surface.  


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And who could ever question the glory of a cheese omelette, the vehicle that elevates even the humblest of cheese leftovers? Not me, but it’s worth noting that those bits are just as effective in transforming a humble bowl of oatmeal into a savory masterpiece. If you’re picking up cheese with the sole intent of adding it to oats, Marin French Cheese Company Petite Breakfast—essentially a fresh brie—crumbles nicely, punctuating the cooked grains with a lactic, salty note. And if you’re lacking the time or inclination to cook before starting your day, this one is good enough to eat on its own, too. 

Another cheese that’s one-ingredient-breakfast status: Comté. It’s substantial, reminiscent of browned butter you’d want to cook eggs in, and absolutely lovely with coffee. I pair mine with a medium- to medium-dark roast, with a touch of cream and sugar. 

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Vanessa Chang

Freelance food and travel writer Vanessa Chang lives and eats (happily) in Salt Lake City.

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