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Cheeseographic: Salads with Cheese

We’ve created an idea board for cheesing up ever-abundant summer salads. In the infographic below, we arranged four basic cheeses by best lettuce pairings, complimentary add-in toppings, and nutritional info. Mix and match ideas with this fun little visual!

culture cheeseographic on creating salads with cheese


Infographic by Jessica Hazard via easelly

Jessica Hazard

Jessie Hazard is an online editorial intern for culture. Back in the day, Jessie’s Easybake Oven was cranking out masterpieces anytime her parents would spring for the cake mix. She’s been a dedicated home cook and foodie ever since, with cheese ranking highest on her ingredient list. Jessie recently moved from Tennessee to Boston to attend BU, so she’s usually studying for her MLA in Gastronomy. Otherwise, she spends her time agape in the aisles of her new hometown’s amazing specialty food markets (if she hasn’t already gotten lost on the subway en route to them.)

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