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What to Do on National Cheese Lover’s Day

National Cheese Lover's Day

This January 20th is National Cheese Lover’s Day. We know what you’re thinking: isn’t that every day? And we’re right there with you—but we’ll take any excuse to celebrate our deep appreciation for all things cheese.

Here’s how you can honor the great tradition of National Cheese Lover’s Day this weekend. Happy celebrating, fellow turophiles!

1. Try Some Cheese

Visit your local cheese counter and ask the monger to give you something they’re really excited about at the moment. Many shops also have little bins with odd cuts at discounted prices: it’s a great place to broaden your selection. Just make sure to check the expiration date first. Visit our retailer directory to find a cheese counter near you!

2. Make Some Cheese

There’s nothing like the taste of fresh cheese made right in your own kitchen. And making cheese isn’t as hard as you may think. If this is your first attempt, start with something simple like ricotta. If you’re able to find goat’s milk, try a fresh chevre. If you’re feeling more advanced, try your hand at stretchy mozzarella or even some squeaky curds.

3. Melt Some Cheese

Want to curl up with a warm blanket of gooey cheese this weekend? Us too. From grilled cheese to broiled Raclette, there are so many ways to indulge your craving. Beware, though: not all cheeses melt alike. Here’s how to find the perfect melting cheese for whatever you’re cooking up.

4. Bake Some Cheese

Winter is a great time to rekindle your relationship with your oven. Try grating some cheese into a warm loaf of bread, such as this easy and irresistible fondue cheesy bread. Bake yourself a batch of comté currant scones for brunch, or treat yourself to these fennel and olive cookies with pecorino. The possibilities are endless.

5. Plate Some Cheese

It’s the perfect day to practice your platter skills and get seriously creative with it. We always start off by browsing Pinterest for inspiration. Indulge in the ultimate platter for blue lovers. Make one that tastes like buffalo wings. Or keep it simple with a plate made with cheese you can get from a supermarket 

6. Party with Some Cheese

The best way to celebrate a holiday as special as this one is surrounding yourself with your loved ones! Invite them over to gather around a bubbling pot of fondue. Host a platter potluck or a cheese exchange and ask everyone to bring their favorite wedge. If you’re feeling extra fancy, set up a wine and cheese pairing fête.


Photo Credit: Erika Kubick

Erika Kubick

Erika Kubick is culture's Social Media Editor. A monger-turned-preacher, she is devoted to turning on the next generation of cheese connoisseurs with seductive recipes, pairings, and enlightenment through her blog, Cheese Sex Death— a modern guide for cheese lovers.

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