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April Fools’ Pronunciation Guide to Cheese

The staff at culture magazine probably eats a whole lot more cheese than your run-of-the-mill turophiles, but even we can get tripped up on which accent to stress in the deceivingly complex name of that gorgeous French wheel, or how to approach the title of a wedge made up nearly entirely of consonants in a language you didn’t even know existed five minutes ago. So, to stand tall as the one and only word on cheese and dispel the trickiest tongue-twisters of the cheese world, we’ve put together a series of videos showing the absolute correct way of saying out loud some of the most commonly mispronounced curds.

Check them out below, learn them by heart, and impress all of your friends at your next cheese tasting!


Happy April Fools’ Day! Thanks for the inspiration, Pronunciation Manual!

(For the record, these are not correct. Like, at all. :p)

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