What’s Your Wildest Cheese Fantasy? This Organization Wants to Make It Come True What’s Your Wildest Cheese Fantasy? This Organization Wants to Make It Come True
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What’s Your Wildest Cheese Fantasy? This Organization Wants to Make It Come True

What rises to the surface when you think about your most extravagant cheese fantasy? Do you imagine cutting into a three-tier wedding cake made of wheels of cheddar and gouda? Do you visualize a seven-course fromage-centric feast? Whatever your dairy dreams consist of, Wisconsin Cheese is on a mission to make them come true. 

From today until February 14th, dairy lovers nationwide will have a chance to submit their most cherished cheese fantasies to the Wisconsin Cheese Dreams Contest. According to a press release sent to culture, two lucky winners will be selected to have their wildest cheese dreams become a reality, and 100 entrants will be randomly selected to receive a Wisconsin Cheese box. 

To enter, participants must answer a few prompts detailing their cheesy aspirations. Candidates can either submit a 15 to 45-second video on Instagram or a clip with a written response on their website. 

There are no boundaries on your dreams; in the past, Wisconsin Cheese set the Guinness World Record for the largest cheese board and crafted extravagant cakes made of aged gouda and Swiss for weddings. On a larger scale, the campaign intends to highlight the cheesemaking industry in Wisconsin and how innovative it is.  

“We’re so fortunate to be surrounded by the deeply rooted cheese culture in Wisconsin—artisan cheesemaking established before Wisconsin became a state, the only Master Cheesemaker program (Ph.D. in cheese) outside of Switzerland, chefs honoring artisanal cheeses in featured dishes, and it doesn’t stop there,” says Suzanne Fanning, CMO at Wisconsin Cheese.

So, if you spend your days fantasizing about wheels and boards, send in a submission for this contest. “Wisconsin dreams in cheese, and if you are as obsessed with cheese as we are, we want to hear from you.”


Ashia Aubourg

Ashia Aubourg is culture's Assistant Digital Editor. She received her BA in Food Studies and Policy Studies from Syracuse University, where she researched components that make up equitable food systems. She previously held print and digital roles at Food & Wine, Cuisine Noir, America's Test Kitchen, and others, where her writing unearthed underrepresented narratives within food, travel, and culture. Before starting her writing career, she held food policy and social impact roles across various nonprofits and companies. Ashia currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.

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