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Mimmo’s Means Mozzarella

Illustrated by Pilar Torcal If you’ve ever made fresh mozzarella at home, you know that it’s fairly easy as cheesemaking goes. You heat the curds, massage out the whey, and boom: You’ve got cheese. Of course, that’s an extremely over-simplified version of the process. Mozzarella production might not seem that difficult on paper, but creating […]

Pimento Pride

Photographed by Nick Surette, Styled by Madison Trapkin The first recipe for pimento cheese was published in Good Housekeeping in 1908. For much of the 20th century, the popular cheese-and-sweet-pepper sandwich spread was a convenience food across the US, but it really caught on in the South so much so that the region has incorrectly […]

Behind the Label: Emmi Le Gruyère

There’s a story behind every cheese—its ingredients, place of origin, recipe, and history. But it’s not every day you encounter a cheese whose history is so elegantly depicted on its packaging. Emmi Switzerland’s new Le Gruyère AOP label reads like a fairytale, each tiny flourish revealing a different chapter in its life story. “People want […]

Sweet Dreams are Made of Cheese

Cheddar cheese ice cream is huge in the Philippines, where it’s alternately marketed askeso, queso, and quezo. Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory makes its Cow Cow Soft Cream using Hokkaido Gouda and two kinds of cream cheese and sells it far beyond Japan’s borders. Grocery chains across Russia carry Raffy ice cream, which offers flavors such […]

Seaside Picnics Wherever You Are

Photographed by Nina Gallant, Styled by Elle Simone Scott and Nina Gallant Across the globe, seafood is undoubtedly the star of warm weather feasts. Every gulf, seashore, and coastal region offers up something special to summer tables. However, we’d argue that cheese is an unsung hero of warm weather dining, especially when paired with the […]

Lobster Ricotta Flatbread Pizza

Pride Month Spotlight: Lee Hennessy of Moxie Ridge Farm

Moxie Ridge Farm owner Lee Hennessy didn’t always think he’d be working in agriculture. In fact, a look at his past life would show almost the opposite: working as an agent in Hollywood, meeting celebrities, and even walking on the Grammy red carpet. But it didn’t take long for him to realize a new life […]

Destination Dairies

When you enter Bantam, Connecticut, you feel the presence of Arethusa Farm immediately. Just past the town’s welcome sign, a trio of red brick buildings flanks the main road. Each is labeled with a classic black-and-white sign announcing its name in gothic font—Arethusa a mano, Arethusa al tavolo, Arethusa Farm Dairy—with a brass cowbell hanging […]