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Cheese Of The Day: Cashmere

Our cheese of the day is the luxurious and delicate, Cashmere. We love this cheese layered thick on a baguette and paired with a Hefeweizen.

dirt lover

Cheese Of The Day: Dirt Lover

Our cheese of the day is Dirt Lover. An ash-coated sheep’s milk cheese full of hearty, earthy flavor. Pair it with IPA, pale ales or lambic.

montgemry's cheddar

Cheese Of The Day: Montgomery’s Cheddar

Our cheese of the day is Montgomery’s Cheddar. An IPA with strong citrus and fruit flavor will provide a zippy balance to the wedge’s musty notes.

blue ridge bleu

Cheese Of The Day: Blue Ridge Bleu

Our cheese of the day is Blue Ridge Bleu. Thanks to raw Jersey cow milk, this blue is plush and milky in the mouth, with aromas of apples, grapes, and rose.

vina milagro

Cheese Of The Day: Vina Milagro

Our cheese of the day, Vina MIlagro, comes all the way from Mexico. Delicate in flavor with notes of red wine and cave, this one stole the show at 2014 World Cheese Awards.

idyll pastures spreadable

Cheese Of The Day: Idyll Pastures Spreadable

Our cheese of the day, Idyll Pastures Spreadable, is unputdownable. Use it in sandwiches, dips, salads or mix it with cream cheese for one decadent cheesecake.

braided caciocavera

Cheese Of The Day: Smoked Hand-Braided Caciocavera

Our cheese of the day is Smoked Hand-braided Caciocavera. Inspired by Italian Caciocavallo, this Oklahoma signature cheese is stretched and shaped by hand.

field of creams

Cheese Of The Day: Field Of Creams

Our cheese of the day is Field of Creams. Discs of the cheese are rubbed with a blend of rosemary, juniper berries, fennel, thyme, Tellicherry pepper, and red pepper flakes before the fluffy rind develops.