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10 Easy Cocktails for New Year’s Eve

Sure, there are tons of fun cocktail recipes out there, but many of them require a fully stocked bar and just a splash of that random spirit you’ve never heard of and will never use again. If you’re eager to keep things simple this New Year’s Eve, try one of these fun, festive, and yes, easy, cocktail recipes from The Kitchn.

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner, all too soon after the hectic rush of the holidays and the whirl of gift-shopping and party-throwing. If you’re anything like us, you’re in the grip of post-holiday lassitude. So whether you’re throwing a small party or snuggling up on the couch this New Year’s Eve, the drinks should stay simple.

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Rebecca Haley-Park

Rebecca Haley-Park is culture's former editor and resident stinky cheese cheerleader. A native New Englander, she holds a BFA in creative writing from University of Maine at Farmington.