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Henning’s Cheese Factory: Aged to Perfection

We hope you’ll join us in wishing Henning’s Wisconsin Cheese a happy birthday! The Kiel, WI-based factory just turned a whopping 100 years old!

In 1914,  Otto and Norma Henning founded the factory in a small, rural home and produced about 500-1,000 pounds of cheese daily. Today, the factory is run by the couple’s son and grandchildren and produces over 16,000 pounds per day. 

But while Henning’s has upped its production considerably, the factory still uses old-school techniques. Kerry Henning, the current president of Henning’s Cheese told The Washington Times, “We always focus on tradition and quality of cheese. We like to say, ‘we stayed backwards so long, we’re in vogue again’.

Wisconsin is well known for being the nucleus of American cheese production, and Henning’s does the state proud by producing classic varieties while experimenting with inventive flavors. The factory makes cheddar, Colby, monterey jack, and mozzerella and offers flavors like blueberry cobbler, mango fire, garlic and dill, hatch pepper. Several varieties of cheddar and Colby have also won national awards

Keep doing what you’re doing, Henning’s!

Photo: Henning’s Cheese

Amanda Minoff

Amanda graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine with a degree in English Literature and Art History. She is a reader and writer of fiction and loves cheese that tells a good story.