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4 Homerun Mac and Cheese Recipes

In an interview with the New York Post last week, Mets right fielder Curtis Granderson explained his winning eating regime including vegetables, whole grains, and high quality protein. Mac and cheese, he admits, is his dish of choice to indulge after a big game. This got us thinking about the mac and cheese orders other teams would use to celebrate a big win, and more importantly what their fans would want. Starting today, four divisional series teams will go head to head, playing for a chance to be crowned MLB World Series Champs: the Toronto Blue Jays, the Chicago Cubs, the Kansas City Royals, and the New York Mets. No matter who wins, we think this round up of mac and cheese recipes is the perfect way for loyal fans to celebrate!

Toronto Blue Jays: Poutine Mac and Cheese with Andouille Gravy

For the Blue Jays, we did the honor of combining quite possibly the most delicious foods from both America and Canada. I give you: poutine mac and cheese, from food blog Climbing Grier Mountain. Creamy, cheddary macaroni and cheese, topped with crisp sweet potato fries, smothered with homemade andouille gravy. I’m ordinarily a Yankees fan, but for this, I could bandwagon…

Chicago Cubs: Deep Dish Macaroni and Cheese Pizza


Photo Credit: Tattooed Martha

We had to go deep dish for Chicago. Deep-dish mac and cheese pizza—it exists—learn how to make Tattooed Martha’s version is here. Add tomato sauce or fresh tomatoes to the mac and cheese filling in this recipe to make it really pizza-like.

Kansas City Royals: BBQ Pulled Pork Macaroni and Cheese

Mac and cheese doesn’t just have to be a side dish when you do BBQ, and it takes the spotlight in this recipe from Culinary Concoctions by Peabody. Sweet BBQ sauce, savory mac and cheese, tangy pulled pork, topped with more cheese. It’s a meal fit for royalty, or at least Royals fan…

New York Mets: Mac and Cheese Dogs


Photo Credit: Taste and Tell

A good ol’ NYC-style hot dog enclosed in a delectable layer of mac, this is what we envision to be the Mets’ fan favorite. Plus, you can eat this guy on the go, so it’s perfect for pacing back and forth in your living room on game day. Thanks, Taste and Tell!

BONUS Los Angeles Dodgers: Stove Top Macaroni Cheese with Kale

kale mac n cheese

Photo Credit: Fuss Free Cooking

We know these guys just lost out to the Mets, but we also want to throw a bone to all our disappointed Angeleno fans. And what better mac and cheese to stuff into your face through your tears than mac and cheese with kale, via Fuss Free Cooking? The tasty green adds a pop of color and zing to any ol’ box you might have lying around, and might just keep you healthy enough to see next year’s run.

Feature Photo Credit: “New Baseball in a Glove in the Outfield” by David Lee | Shutterstock

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