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6 Best Pizza Cheeses at Trader Joe’s

Culture Pizza Cheeses - Trader Joe's

When you’re in the mood for homemade pizza—but not looking to drop a lot of dough—Trader Joe’s is just the spot. We love farmstead cheese as much as you do, but when you need your dollar to go further, it’s all about Trader Joe’s. Paw through the weirder wedges and you’ll find a selection of melty standbys so you can master the cheesiest homemade slice. Here are our faves for that sweet, sweet cheese pull. Happy National Pizza Day, curd lovers!

1. Low Moisture Whole Milk Mozzarella

Moisture is the bane of the home pizza chef, so skip the sog by opting for a low-moisture mozz. Grated and sprinkled generously, this block will give you the classic stretchy slice, plus a neutral base for your favorite toppings. The price is right, and if you’re making just one pie, you might even have extra for nomming as you prep.

2. All Natural Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

If you’re making a classic Margherita, this is your pick. This pudgy ball doesn’t come packed in water or brine, cutting wetness so you can chomp on the crisp crust. Slice into rounds and top with fresh basil and enjoy a lush, creamy flavor that beautifully contrasts tangy tomato sauce.

3. Parmigiano Reggiano Stravecchio

Trader Joe’s ultimate grating cheese is made in Italy and aged for three years, giving it a rich, savory oomph that’ll add that final pizzazz to your pie. To keep costs low, remember you’re using this to finish, so no need for a huge wedge. Pairs easily with… well, everything.

4. Fontina

A popular pick for gooey cheese dips, fontina melts like a dream. Straight out of Wisconsin, Trader Joe’s version is mild, milky, and just right with garlicky white sauce. On a pie, pair with mushrooms and caramelized onions or use it to balance salty prosciutto and peppery arugula.

5. Asiago

This firm wedge is punched up by a slight tang and a pleasant nuttiness. This version isn’t too aged—giving it a meltability that rounds out roasted vegetable pizza but without being overly rich. It’s perfect with roasted red peppers and dash of chili flakes.

6. Silver Goat Chevre

This smooth goat cheese log is best when dolloped intermittently across your pie for exciting bites of creamy chevre. With an accessible tang with notes of citrus, it’s great as a foil for sweet toppings like figs and caramelized onions, plus some bacon for a meaty crunch.

Photo Credit: Erika Kubick

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