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6 Milk Punch Recipes for Mardi Gras

Milk punch is synonymous with New Orleans in the cocktail world, so it’s only natural you’d want to whip some up for Mardi Gras. Try out one or more of these whey-infused alcoholic beverages from the culinary whizzes at Bon Appetit. Brandy, vodka, maple liqueur? Pick your poison.

When you first see milk punch, you may think it’s a misnomer. Though the 18th-century cocktail is made with milk, it’s as transparent as water (okay, more like translucent), which is why contemporary bartenders are as obsessed with it as was Benjamin Franklin back in 1763. But wait, what happens to the, uh, milky stuff? Well, the milk gets mixed with liquor, simple syrup, and dairy-curdling citrus, then those curds get strained out, leaving behind flavorful, alcohol-infused whey. In the era before refrigeration, this process ensured the punch could remain shelf-stable for months.

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