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Baguette + Cheese = Dinner

There’s nothing better, or simpler, than a good piece of cheese spread across a baguette cut lengthwise. The two ingredients are easy to pick up on your way back from work, and they make the perfect picnic basket filler, dinner party appetizer, or snack on the fly. The baguette is also entirely nondiscriminatory as to who it picks as its mate. As Ile de France writes,

Baguette is a fantastic canvas to explore the intricacies of French fromages. Blue cheese like Roquefort, hard cheese like Etorki and soft cheeses from Ile de France Camembert and Brie to Goat Cheese all taste fantastic when spread on baguette.

Though just few bites will do when hunger pangs strike at odd hours, Anna Monette Roberts of Popsugar encourages helping yourself to the whole wedge and loaf making a meal of it. She suggests slicing up some astringent watermelon radishes to cut the creaminess of the cheese, or adding fresh grapes, cherries, peaches, or apples to satisfy a sweet craving.

For more substantial bread and cheese dinners, try out Joy the Baker‘s recipe for Whipped Ricotta with Lemon and Olive Oil, or top a tossed salad with these Warm Goat Cheese Toasts from Steamy Kitchen. Dinner has never been so easy.

Photo by Joy the Baker

Amanda Minoff

Amanda graduated from Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine with a degree in English Literature and Art History. She is a reader and writer of fiction and loves cheese that tells a good story.