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The Best Buttermilk Substitutes

rustic image of metal containers holding buttermilk and buttermilk-containing products on wooden platter

Is the buttermilk-shaped void in your fridge keeping you from making the cake of your dreams? Fear not! Joy the Baker has compiled a list of buttermilk substitutes to fit even the even the barest of cupboards. Check it out then pick a recipe to test your newfound knowledge.

Buttermilk is an important part of baking.  The acidic milk combined with baking soda in a recipe is a baker’s dream. Its helps add a lightness and tenderness to baked treats […] What if you’re plum out of buttermilk?  There are solutions…. let’s talk.

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Photo by Joy the Baker

Michelle Debczak

Michele is an editorial intern at culture and a junior at Emerson College. She loves writing and reading as much as possible, especially when the subject matter deals with cheese! Her ideal day off consists of baking a chocolate cake in her PJ's while listening to Alton Brown's latest podcast.