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Articles written by Michelle Debczak

Michele is an editorial intern at culture and a junior at Emerson College. She loves writing and reading as much as possible, especially when the subject matter deals with cheese! Her ideal day off consists of baking a chocolate cake in her PJ's while listening to Alton Brown's latest podcast.

manchego and duck appetizer skewers

Pairing Duck and Cheese

Sheep’s milk cheeses and creamy blues put a fresh spin on delicate but meaty duck

Farm Animal: Guernsey Cows

This “golden” breed is known for its rich milk and sunny disposition.

"Grilled Halloumi Cheese" by Wikimedia Commons use Hmioannou

Style Highlight: Squeaky, Non-Melting Cheeses

Learn how squeaky cheeses are made and the science behind why they don’t melt when heated

A stick figure points to a diagram of cheese on a cartoon blackboard

Always Learning

Whether you’re pro or a newbie, there’s a cheesemaking course for you

How to Make Yogurt From Scratch

NPR writer makes her own yogurt in Morocco