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Cheesemongers and Makers Who Know Their Whey Around Instagram

As one of the top social media platforms, Instagram has become the place for foodies to discover their next treat to try or shop to visit. Many cheese purveyors and producers are taking advantage of the trend and mastering the art of Insta-worthy fromage photos to entice turophiles. Here are some of our top picks worthy of a follow.

Cypress Grove

By sharing posts from its faithful Instagram followers, Cypress Grove has amassed one of the best collections of #cheeseporn. Its feed oozes with drool-worthy pictures of gooey cheese.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

With endless shots of wedges, curds, and dishes, Beecher’s Handmade Cheese keeps their Insta-feed full of a wide variety of foodie images.

Idyll Farms

There can never be too many images of cute animals, and Michigan’s Idyll Farms owns the dairy goat game on Instagram. (There’s no shortage of shots of milky white goat’s milk wheels, either.)

Neal’s Yard Dairy

From newly formed to fully mature, Neal’s Yard Dairy in London takes its followers behind the scenes of its cheesemaking process. Their snapshots also tell the stories of their cheeses and the people behind it, making their products more personal.

Bellwether Farms

Bellwether Farms offers daily inspiration to home cooks with gorgeous food pics and links to recipes. We’re warning you now: don’t browse its photos on an empty stomach.

Jasper Hill Farm

True curd nerds need to head over to Jasper Hill’s Instagram. This Vermont creamery takes its science very seriously (it has its own lab and microbiologists on staff), so its feed naturally includes snaps of mold under microscopes and cheeses getting their pH levels checked.

Cowgirl Creamery

Highlighting delectable rinds and easy recipes, Cowgirl Creamery rocks the Insta-game with luscious photographs of their cheeses.

Murray’s Cheese

Murray’s Cheese’s Instagram helps its followers unlock the potential of their favorite curd. It suggests pairing tips, shows off their inventory, and wedges in some cute animations.

The Farm at Doe Run


Meet Norman

A post shared by The Farm at Doe Run (@thefarmatdoerun) on

There’s cute animals, and then there’s cute baby animals. The Farm at Doe Run recently welcomed its first Normandy calf, so don’t be surprised to see more adorable photos like this one pop up every now and then. The dairy farm also grows and sells vegetables, so its Instagram features beautiful produce from its greenhouse.

Vermont Creamery


Nothing like a little cheese & bread on a relaxing weekend. ☀ ?? #cheesebutterlove #wrinklesaresexy ? from @CottageFarm

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You’ll find cool tones, mouth-watering arrangements, and clever recipes on Vermont Creamery’s Instagram. Just scrolling through their collection is bound to make your stomach rumble.

Rachel E. McLean

Rachel is an editorial intern at culture for Spring 2017. She is Junior at Boston University studying Journalism and Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. Known as "the cheese queen" among friends, she's had a passion for fromage from a young age.