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Congrats to the 2015 Good Food Award-Winners!

Good Food Awards

Last night in San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts, food professionals from across the country gathered to celebrate the principles and practitioners of good food at the 5th Annual Good Food Awards. A panel of judges selected dozens of winners across eleven different categories, Alice Waters handed out awards, and participants even came up with a new theme song:

We were particularly excited by the victorious within the cheese category, so without further adieu, here are our favorite winners of the 2015 Good Food Awards!

Bent River Camembert | Alemar Cheese Company | Minnesota

Bent River Camembert

Goat Cheddar | Avalanche Cheese Company | Colorado

Avalanche Goat Cheddar

Whole Jersey Milk Ricotta | Bellwether Farms | California

Whole Jersey Cow's Milk Ricotta

Blackberry Sheep’s Milk Yogurt | Bellwether Farms | California

Sheep's Milk Yogurts

Photo Credit: Bellwether Farms

Under the Pines | Blackberry Farm | Tennessee

Under the Pines by Blackberry Farm

Photo Credit: Blackberry Farm

Parsnip Yogurt | Blue Hill Yogurt | New York

Parsnip Yogurt

Photo Credit: Blue Hill Yogurt

Tomme de Sawtell | Goldin Artisan Goat Cheese | Oregon

Tomme de Sawtell

Photo Credit: Goldin Artisan Goat Cheese

Ameribella | Jacobs and Brichford Farmstead Cheese | Indiana


Photo Credit: Jacobs and Brichford Farmstead Cheese

Bloomy | Jacobs Creamery | Washington


Photo Credit: Jacobs Creamery

Martone | LaClare Farms | Wisconsin


Photo Credit: LaClare Farms

Connemara | Looking Glass Creamery | North Carolina


Photo Credit: Looking Glass Creamery

Petite Breakfast | Marin French Cheese | California

Marin French Petite Breakfast

Meyer Lemon Organic French Style Yogurt | Saint Benoit Creamery | California

Saint Benoit Meyer Lemon Yogurt

Photo Credit: Saint Benoit Creamery

Shakerag Blue | Sequatchie Cove Creamery | Tennessee

Shakerag Blue

Margie | Sprout Creek Farm | New York


Photo Credit: Sprout Creek Farm

Atika | Tomales Farmstead Creamery | California


Photo Credit: Good Eggs

Bonne Bouche | Vermont Creamery | Vermont

Vermont Creamery's Bonne Bouche

Coupole | Vermont Creamery | Vermont

Vermont Creamery's Coupoule

Cremont | Vermont Creamery | Vermont

Vermont Creamery's Cremont

Mad River Blue | von Trapp Farmstead | Vermont

Mad River Blue

Feature Photo Credit: Marc Fiorito / Gamma Nine Photography, 2014

Grant Bradley

Grant Bradley is culture's former web editor and never ceases to thank his nameless human ancestor who figured that leaving some milk around for a while and then eating it was probably a great idea. Raised on California’s Central Coast, educated in the Pacific Northwest, and transplanted to New England, Grant likes to write, edit, and code things.

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