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A Controversial Cheeseplate

The recently unveiled 9/11 Museum in New York City has garnered some flack for its gift shop, particularly one cheese-related item. The gift shop is selling a cheeseplate in the shape of the United States, and features hearts that signify each of the crash sites of the 2001 tragedy. Many, including survivors of the 9/11 attacks, families of the victims, and other museum visitors are deeming the cheeseplate as crass and tasteless. 

One visitor told the Post yesterday, “As rotten and heartless as it may seem, it’s always about money. Educational books and T-shirts and posters that say, ‘Never forget 9/11’ are OK, but the dog vests and the cheap earrings need to go.”

Museum spokesman Michael Frazier explained to the Washington Post that the items in the shop were “carefully selected… To care for the Memorial and Museum, our organization relies on private fundraising, gracious donations and revenue from ticketing and carefully selected keepsake items for retail.”

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Photo Credit: Scott Lynch / Gothamist 

Erica Mixon

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