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DIY Fruit-On-the-Bottom Yogurt Cups

Do you love the idea of grocery store fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt cups, but find they’re much too sweet for your palate, or are turned off by some of the chemical additives? Stock up on some half-pint canning jars and make them yourself!

To make this particular yogurt cup I layered about 1/2 cup of plain, whole-milk yogurt with a spoonful of berry jam, a handful of blueberries, a drizzle of honey, and a few walnuts. It made for delicious eating — I dug the spoon down to the bottom and it came up with a bite of everything. Sweet jam, tangy blueberries, and tart yogurt.

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Photo by Faith Durand

Rebecca Haley-Park

Rebecca Haley-Park is culture's former editor and resident stinky cheese cheerleader. A native New Englander, she holds a BFA in creative writing from University of Maine at Farmington.