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Eating Cheese for Two: Pregnancy-Safe Options

It seems the questions surrounding pregnancy and eating cheese never cease. Are raw milk cheeses safe? What about soft cheeses? Are blue cheeses dangerous for my baby? Can I eat cheese at all while pregnant? While it’s likely every doctor (and often, every person) will have a differing opinion on what cheeses are safe for pregnant women to consume, most recommend avoiding young, raw milk cheeses. Find an extremely varied, pregnancy-friendly cheeseplate by following the link below.

The conversation over what kind of cheese is cool for consumption during pregnancy has got to be one of the more polarizing debates among cheese-eaters-with-child. Every pregnant woman has her own way of following — or not following — the supposed rules about eating unpasteurized (raw) milk cheese, so when Anjali asked me to for help with finding a selection of cheeses for her Grown-Up Baby Shower, I devised a cheese lineup that any pregnant woman can feel safe about consuming, regardless of how rule-abiding she may be.

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Rebecca Haley-Park

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