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Gooey Pimento Grilled Cheese

In the mood for some spicy, smooth dairy deliciousness? Check out this recipe from Food52 for the best homemade pimento cheese—which you’re obviously going to put in a grilled cheese, right? Right.

Pimento cheese is, at its core, nothing but tufts of unmelted cheese, a cushion of mayonnaise, and chopped pimentos: a glomming-together of unassuming and seemingly unfriendly ingredients. It doesn’t seem like it should exist, but the moment you taste it, you understand.

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Photos by James Ransom

Grant Bradley

Grant Bradley is culture's former web editor and never ceases to thank his nameless human ancestor who figured that leaving some milk around for a while and then eating it was probably a great idea. Raised on California’s Central Coast, educated in the Pacific Northwest, and transplanted to New England, Grant likes to write, edit, and code things.