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Homemade Ice Cream Using Empty Coffee Cans

Old coffee cans lying around? Put them to good use and whip up some old-fashioned homemade ice cream. Yumi Sakugawa of WonderHowTo sketched up an infographic detailing just how to do it.

Mix together whole milk, whipping cream, and sugar in an empty 1 pound coffee can. Close the lid and shake vigorously. Place the coffee can containing the ingredients into a larger coffee can. Pack the empty space with ice cubes and rock salt, close lid, and roll the two coffee cans for ten minutes.

Get step-by-step instructions here

Image by Yumi Sakugawa

Natalie Gardino

Natalie Gardino is an editorial intern for culture as well as a dairy lover and sheep enthusiast. She was born and raised in Boston and is getting her BFA in writing, literature & publishing at Emerson College. Her number one idol is Dr. Seuss.