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Memorable Cheese Ads

panda cheese commercial

Many commercials use comedy to capture a viewer’s attention, and ads for cheese are no exception. Some experts argue that the funny bits often detract from the actual product. Maybe I’m more susceptible than others to the tricks of advertising agencies, but I ate a huge bowl of mac and cheese for lunch after drafting this article; their messages certainly weren’t lost on me. For your viewing pleasure, here are some of the most eccentric cheese commercials in recent years.

Panda Cheese

Originally released in 2010, this series of commercials for Arab Dairy’s Panda Cheese went viral worldwide. Each ad follows the same formula: Someone dismisses the idea of eating Panda Cheese, and then the hilarious mascot shows up to ruin their day. Each segment features Buddy Holly’s “True Love Ways,” which creates an ironic sentimental feel alongside the panda’s destructive behavior. 

Kraft Mac & Cheese

We’re all guilty of stealing a bite of someone else’s mac and cheese. This Kraft ad takes this type of thievery very seriously. Similar comedic commercials where parents are sneaking in a taste of their children’s mac and cheese can be found here

Centre National Interprofessionnel de l’Économie Laitière

Cookie Monster’s got nothin’ on this cheese-chomping creature. There’s not much to say for this spot from France’s Centre National Interprofessionnel de l’Économie Laitière other than to enjoy it as much as the monster enjoys eating Brie.


Why not personify cheese? That’s exactly what Cheez-It did with their series on “mature” cheeses. These commercials are funny, but just like their star character of the cheese, they can get a little annoying.

America’s Dairy Farmers

Finally, no ad compilation would be complete without a celebrity appearance. You can find a young Leo DiCaprio advertising Kraft American Singles at the end of this article here, or enjoy this gem starring Elijah Wood.

As any hobbit will tell you, food is very important, and it appears Frodo himself started appreciating cuisine at a young age. A young Elijah Wood covers his broccoli with thick globs of melted cheese in this American Dairy Farmers commercial. It’s certainly one surefire way to get kids to eat their vegetables.

If these commercials leave you craving more, you can find a collection of cheesy ads gathered here.

Tara Freeman

Tara is an intern for summer 2017 at culture. She studies Film and Media at Queen's University, Canada. A Mac and Cheese lover from the beginning, her tastes have now evolved...slightly.