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Grilled Cheese, Meet Spaghetti and Garlic Bread

Food hybrids have, over the last couple of years, been on the minds of many. Lines for cronuts have snaked up city blocks. Twenty-somethings have camped out in Brooklyn waiting on ramen burgers. San Franciscans have waited behind velvet ropes for sushirritos. Now, we’ve got a cheesy Frankenfood.

The spaghetti grilled cheese sandwich is the newest hybrid to tempt foodies. As soon as Paul Cao, owner of Burnt Crumbs, a specialty sandwich shop with two California locations, added his creation to the menu, it became the store’s number one seller.

They make the indulgence by tossing together spaghetti, homemade sauce, and mozzarella and spreading it on a tray to cool. After it’s flat and manageable—“almost like a patty,” says Cao’s partner Minh Pham—they cut it into sandwich-sized squares. Finally, they wrap the spaghetti in more mozzarella, stick it between two slices of garlic-butter-soaked sourdough, and grill it. Makes for one sexy cheese pull.

Hungry carb-lovers who are lucky enough to live in the vicinity of Burnt Crumbs have taken to Instagram to very efficiently make everyone outside of Orange County jealous. Here are some of their mouth-watering images:

Living that carb life at @burntcrumbs #burntcrumbs #foodieheaven

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Feature Photo Credit: Maggie Eats LA Food | Instagram

Caroline Fenn

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