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Starbucks Adding Grilled Cheese to Menu

You probably think of Starbucks on the way to work in the morning, but what about at lunchtime? The company is hoping to entice customers looking for lunch options with a variety of  new choices, including an “Old Fashioned” grilled cheese. This multigrain sandwich will feature a blend of white cheddar, yellow cheddar, and mozzarella, and it can be yours for just $5.25. According to the Chicago Tribune: 

The offering is part of a broader move among morning restaurants, such as Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, to boost afternoon sales and attract a lunch crowd after the morning coffee business subsides.

Currently with one-third of customer traffic at lunch or in the afternoon, Starbucks hopes to change customer perception of it as only a morning destination, according to Bloomberg. The company has already launched pilot programs in Phoenix, AZ, and Richmond, VA, but the new menu will not be available nationally until June 24th. If you are looking for grilled cheese recipes to make at home while you await the release of the Old Fashioned, try a more traditional Kate’s Grilley or this seasonally appropriate Strawberry and French Goat Cheese with Basil Grilled Cheese

And if you’re thinking grilled cheese has no business sharing table space with a doubleshot, hold on — cheese and coffee under one roof isn’t as crazy as it might sound. The two can actually make a fabulous pairing; the nuttiness and caramel notes of many cheeses are echoed in roasted coffee beans. In fact, cheesemakers at Beecher’s Handmade Cheese specifically chose their Jamaican jerk seasoned No Woman to pair with Starbucks’ chocolatey Pike Place Roast. For more coffee and cheese pairing ideas, get yourself a copy of our ultimate pairings guide Cheese+

So, Starbucks, what’s next? A Blonde Roast rendition of Barely Buzzed?

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