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The Ultimate Raclette Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you love raclette, this is your chance to try it in grilled cheese form. Find the link to this drool-worthy recipe below.

The cheese will start oozing out from between the bread and crisping in the pan. You don’t want to loose [sic] this—it’s what raclette is all about. Use a silicone spatula to scoot the cheese up next to the crust of the sandwich on all sides, then use the thin metal spatula to lift it out of the pan to a plate. Cut in half and eat immediately, with cornichons on the side.
Photo by French Revolution

Rebecca Haley-Park

Rebecca Haley-Park is culture's former editor and resident stinky cheese cheerleader. A native New Englander, she holds a BFA in creative writing from University of Maine at Farmington.