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The Theoretical Crust

This morning on Twitter, our main main Patrick Stewart asked us all to consider the reality of pizza, pizza crust and pizza consumption when he posed the question: Have you actually eaten pizza if you don’t eat the crust?

The responses span the spectrum, from the practical:

To the matter-of-fact:

To the selfless defense:

To the creative dieter:

To outright demands:

To this:

And back around to another question:

Though this is not the first time culture has encountered deep thoughts about pizza (not to mention metaphysical music videos on the subject), it is the first time I’ve ever considered the pizza being separate from the crust. In my world, they’re one in the same. And you always, always, always clear your pizza plate.

So, how do we actually settle the debate? Eat more pizza!

Feature Photo Credit: “close up of pizza crumbs…” by Picsfive | Shutterstock

Amy Fukuizumi

Amy loves few things more than writing and cheese. As a testament to these loves, she drove across the country to join culture: the word on cheese. Her goal as Social Media Manager is to make the world (digitally) feel this love (and 'Like' it a lot).