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Urban Blue – A Softer, Gentler Blue Cheese

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Cheesemaker Lyndell Findlay believes blue cheese could be for everyone, if only they would give it a chance. To that end, she has invented Urban Blue, a gateway blue cheese for those afraid of the harsh smells and tastes of stronger cheeses. Even though Lyndell does all the cheese making herself and has to restrict her production to 100 and 200-litre batches, her creation is becoming a bestseller in her native Halifax.

The result is Urban Blue, an eight-week-aged cheese with a creamy, nutty paste and snakeskin-like greenish-blue natural rind. So far, says Findlay, owner of Blue Harbour Cheese, her strategy appears to be working. While she sold her first block just a few months ago, the cheese is already selling out in stores across Halifax and garnering fans including Halifax chef Craig Flinn and – remarkably, he says – his 18-year-old apprentices.

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Julia Domenicucci

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