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White Cheddar Beer Bread

Here’s a free life hack: replace every slice of bread you eat from now until forever with this white cheddar beer bread. Just imagine the toast, the sandwiches, the croutons, the stratas…you’re welcome. 

This bread though… not garbage. Sure, the topping may be my favorite part but that doesn’t mean that the rest of the bread is worthless. It’s a bit fluffy but still dense, if that makes any sense. It’s awesome when it’s toasted, but I can also handle it untoasted and slathered with some sort of jam or peanut butter. 

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Photo by How Sweet It Is

Michelle Debczak

Michele is an editorial intern at culture and a junior at Emerson College. She loves writing and reading as much as possible, especially when the subject matter deals with cheese! Her ideal day off consists of baking a chocolate cake in her PJ's while listening to Alton Brown's latest podcast.