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The Great 28: Fab Foods to Pair with Cheese

Great 28

The Great 28 is featured in our Cheese+ 2017 issue.

Everywhere you turn these days, there’s a new tropical superfruit, a fresh cider variety, a just-launched dried meat snack—all jostling for your palate. It’s overwhelming. That’s where culture comes in. We munched and sipped our way through the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, consulted chefs and other trendsetters, and devoured cookbooks and other media to land on The Great 28: a list of our favorite foods and beverages to match with wheels and wedges right now. There are surprises aplenty in the pages ahead, and although some picks are especially trendy—we see you, shrubs, seaweed, and tinned fish—they’re also tasty and extremely curd-friendly. Because while food fads may come and go, cheese is forever.

Everything bagel

1. Bagels

The doughy New York classic gets the dairy treatment it deserves


2. Caviar

Put some (fish) eggs on it

Shochu3. Shochu

Reach to the East for a fab curd-friendly tipple

celery salad
4. Celery

This versatile veg isn’t just for dieters anymore

maple syrup5. Maple

On tap? Sappy, satisfying pairings

coconut flakes

6. Coconut

Yes, we’re cuckoo for coconuts

Home classic hummus with celery, pitoy.Vid top on gray concrete background. Vegan Food Concept.Home classic hummus with celery, pita. View top on gray concrete background. Vegan Food Concept.7. Chickpeas

Is there anything the garbanzo bean can’t do?

fruitcake8. Fruitcake

Don’t regift these confections: Eat ’em with cheese

goat9. Goat

Get your goat—it’s pairing time

hot sauce10. Hot Sauce

This condiment is on fire right now

IPA and cheese11. IPAs

Go beyond hop bombs with these buzzy styles

Jerky12. Jerky

Where’s the beef? Not in these tasty snacks

seltzer bubbles13. Seltzer

Curds love sparkling water—just like everyone else does

kimchi14. Kimchi

Curds find a funky, fermented friend

seaweed15. Seaweed

Think beyond the Philadelphia roll

lingonberries16. Lingonberries

The Ikea mainstay meets its match in the dairy drawer

perry17. Perry

Cider’s cousin is ready to shine

pesto18. Pesto

The ’80s are back—on your cheese plate, that is

Quince fruits on a white wooden background. Quince fruits.19. Quince

This forgotten fruit is on a comeback tour

truffles20. Truffles

These buried culinary treasures are tantalizing cheese mates

21. Shrubs

Sweet and tart, drinking vinegars are dairy sweethearts

sourdough pretzels22. Sourdough

Fermentation brings the funk in this tasty partnership

tinned fish23. Tinned Fish

A fresh take on surf and turf

waffles24. Waffles

Hot off the press—just add curds

greens25. Wild Greens

It’s only natural

sparkling red wine26. Sparkling Red Wines

Who says blondes have more fun?

yuca27. Yuca

Curds and cassava are meant to be

jackfruit28. Jackfruit

Think curds and tropical fruit don’t go together? You don’t know jack

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