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13 Best Things We Tried at the 2018 Summer Fancy Foods Show

Last weekend, the culture crew flew out to New York for the 2018 Summer Fancy Food Show, a semi-annual trade show for folks in the food industry. We spent three full days tasting our way through a sprawling, multi-floor extravaganza of specialty foods, with aisle after aisle of delectable cheeses, meats, jams, honey, chocolates, ice creams, shrubs, coffees–anything and everything you’d ever want to eat!

Here are some of our favorite things that we discovered out at the show, straight from the culture crew’s mouth.

2018 Summer Fancy Food Show-6Photo credit Kristine Jannuzzi

1. Monroe from Roth Cheese

It was love at first bite with Monroe! I couldn’t stop sinking my teeth into fudgy hunks of this new double cream washed rind. A decadent dreamboat!culture Contributor Kristine Jannuzzi

2018 Summer Fancy Food Show-8

Photo credit Lassa Skinner

2. Passionfruit Maui Fruit Jewels

“I love passionfruit: Tart, tangy, and flinging me back to the vine growing on my back fence in South Australia, it’s a glorious fruit packed with citrusy, tropical fruit flavors that make my tastebuds sing. The passionfruit Hawaii Fruit Pastes drew me in as I went by the table. You’ve gotta try it with a luscious La Tur or a buttery triple cream cheese. You’ll be the one singing after that!” – Cofounder Lassa Skinner

2018 Summer Fancy Food Show-9

Photo credit Brandi Wills

3. Burrata cups from di Stefano

“I love these single-serving burrata cups from di Stefano. Not gonna lie, I’ll probably sneak some of these into the movie theater with me.” – Editor in Chief Brandi Wills

2018 Summer Fancy Food Show- Organic Grape Syrup from Karagelis

Photo credit: Molly McDonough

4. Organic Grape Syrup from Karagelis

“My favorite thing about FFS is meeting entrepreneurs from all over the world—like Katerina Barka, who just launched a company in her native Greece to bring super-small-batch artisanal foods, most from female-owned businesses, to the US. This traditional syrup reminds me a bit of pomegranate molasses. It’s the perfect sweet juxtaposition for a salty hunk of halloumi straight off the grill.” – Associate Editor Molly McDonough

5. Made by Chirps Chips

“Got crickets? I popped one of these chips into my sister’s mouth. ‘Yum! What’s that?’ she said, smiling. When I told her, that smile turned right off…but it was too late. She liked it! Chirps Chips are tortilla chips made from cricket flour, well-seasoned and contain one cricket per chip. I think they are delicious, and I don’t think it’s weird or gross to eat insects. Hop or fly aboard, I say!”– Cofounder Lassa Skinner

2018 Summer Fancy Food Show

Photo Credit: Kristine Jannuzzi

6. Artisanal Biscuits de Fromage Basque from Okina

“These savory little biscuits are both adorable and addictive. The tomato, onion, and Ossau-Iraty variety remind me of tiny pizzas in an irresistibly crunchy format. They’re my new go-to snack food.” – culture Contributor Kristine Jannuzzi

2018 Summer Fancy Food Show-5

Photo credit: Molly McDonough

7. Tête de Moine in dehydrated vegetables by Emmi Roth

“I loved seeing this classic monastic AOP cheese all dressed up for the occasion at Emmi’s booth, where freshly-girolled florets were dipped in dehydrated vegetable powders: beet, pea, blackberry and strawberry. Sea creature vibes.” – Associate Editor Molly McDonough

8. Swiss White Chocolate with Blue Potato Chips and Sea Salt from MilkBoy

“White chocolate + blue potato chips + sea salt = surprisingly tasty. I had yet to be a fan of the ‘potato chips and chocolate’ craze until I tasted these. Very well done, MilkBoy!” – Editor in Chief Brandi Wills

2018 Summer Fancy Food Show- Organic Grape Syrup from Karagelis

Photo Credit Molly McDonough

9. Vallée Brebidoux by Fromatheque 

“Switzerland isn’t known for sheep’s milk cheese, which is why I’ve been so curious to try this new Alpine brebis. The raclette-style raw-milk wheel—created by Fromatheque in Martigny and imported to the US by Gourmino—combines raclette’s meatiness with silky-smooth sheep’s milk lusciousness. It’s a winning combo, literally: This wheel was crowned best semi-soft sheep’s milk cheese at the World Championship Cheese Contest just a few months ago.” – Associate Editor Molly McDonough

10. Maple Sugar chocolate by Goodnow Farms

“Maple sugar in chocolate? YES PLEASE! Asochivite with Maple Sugar chocolate made with 70% Guatemalan cacao is dark and lovely, velvety in the mouth with a distinctive maple finish. Two great ingredients paired to create an exquisite product. “– Cofounder Lassa Skinner

2018 Summer Fancy Food Show-5

Photo Credit Kristine Jannuzzi

11. Blackwood HoneyB from Woodside Cheese Wrights

“This stunning, Australian, ash-coated goat cheese topped with edible flowers could get by on looks alone, but it also delivers big time in the flavor department. Lemony and light as air, Blackwood HoneyB is a true showstopper. Bonus points for the vial of native honey that accompanies the cheese to be drizzled on just before serving!”culture Contributor Kristine Jannuzzi

2018 Summer Fancy Food Show

Photo credit Brandi Wills

12. Pasta from Alfetra

“Boxed pasta isn’t something I get excited about, but these ones are exceptional. It’s a close second to fresh pasta, which is a notable feat. You’ll find me at their booth come lunchtime at the next Fancy Foods Show!” – Editor in Chief Brandi Wills

2018 Summer Fancy Food Show-5

Photo Credit Le Bon Magot

13. Chutneys by Le Bon Magot

“There were lots of deeper, more intense, and palate-lingering flavors at both the Good Food Mercantile and the Fancy Food Show. My top pick of these were the jewel-colored chutneys by Le Bon Magot, using dark spices, fruits, and vegetables to recreate culinary adventures to far-flung continents where foods are integral to the culture. Spiced Raisin Marmalata with ras al hanout & smoked cinnamon was my personal pick.” – Cofounder Lassa Skinner

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    Oooh those chutneys!! Would love some on a smoked gouda.

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    Love the Okima biscuits!

    1. Erika Kubick says:

      They’re so delicious!

  3. Lisa Troyer says:

    They all look great. Did you try our Crunchy Cheese Crisps?? http://www.bunkerhillcheese.com – I was at the EuroUSA booth – I thought I talked to someone from your magazine- perhaps that was at IDDBA

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