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Master Your Melting Method

raclette grill

Raclette grills come in all shapes and sizes. These are our picks for achieving the perfect melt, whether you’re scraping an entire wheel or just looking for an oozing wedge to spruce up some steamed potatoes.

Raclette Demi

melting raclette

Professionals only. Requires an entire half-wheel, and a seriously committed racleur to man the cheese all night. Browned, crispy bubbles guaranteed.
$450, boska.com

Raclette Quattro

melting raclette

Suitable for a quarter-wheel, this grill melts one side with a heat lamp. Just swing it around to the other side when the surface gets runny.
$300, boska.com

Electric Raclette Maker

melting raclette

Instant dinner party. Everyone melts their own wedges, while veggies and meats cook on top.
$140, williams-sonoma.com

Swissmar Nordic Foldable Candlelight Raclette

melting raclette

Fueled by tea lights, this ultra-portable setup is best for an intimate dinner or solo scarfing.
$20, raclettecorner.com


melting raclette

Old-school method. Set a half-wheel up on a hot rock, and then scrape away.

Molly McDonough

Former Senior Editor Molly McDonough worked for cheesemakers in Switzerland and the US before earning a Master's degree in Agriculture and Food Science at the Ecole Supérieure d'Agriculture in Angers, France. After spending a year in Romania working on rural development projects with Heifer International, she returned home to Boston and joined the culture team in 2015.

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