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Parmesan Cheese Lamp

Goodbye boring light fixture, hello cheese-chic! What better way to be close to your cheese than to have a lamp that looks like a wheel of Parmigiano-Reggiano? We hope there’s more cheese-themed home décor where that came from. 

“After a culinary trip to Italy in 2011, we completely lost our hearts to the Parmigiano-Reggiano,” wrote the owners of the website, a Dutch couple named Tom Sprengers and Cyrella Beckers. “During a visit to a Parmesan cheese maker the whole process of making cheese impressed us. We are both cheese lovers and decided to do something with this inspiration.”
Photo courtesy of ParmesanCheeseLamp.com

Natalie Gardino

Natalie Gardino is an editorial intern for culture as well as a dairy lover and sheep enthusiast. She was born and raised in Boston and is getting her BFA in writing, literature & publishing at Emerson College. Her number one idol is Dr. Seuss.