Excerpts from Werner Lampert's The Cow: A Tribute
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Divine Bovine: A Photographic Ode to a Beloved Animal

Werner Lampert has worked in organic farming since the 1970s, and is now the leading sustainability expert in Austria. Through stunning snapshots and detailed breed information, his new book, The Cow: A Tribute (teNeues, 2019), pays homage to the animals Lampert has long admired. Ahead, you’ll find some of our favorite photographs from the book—vivid pictures of rare cattle from India, Colombia, and beyond.

Blanco Orejinegro: Colombia: trusting, resilient, and agile in the mountains

Hungarian Steppe: Hungary: wild and fiery temperament but also amenable

Schwarze Pinzgauer: Austria: placid, very resilient

Pustertaler Sprinzen: South Tirol, Italy: tempermental, robust, frugal eater

Modicana: Italy: undemanding and tolerant of hot, dry summers

Montafoner Braunvieh: Austria: full of vigor, frugal eater, gentle and friendly

The Cow – A Tribute by Werner Lampert, published by teNeues

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