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Elotes Asados

Elotes Asados
Serves 4
Though the corn is tastiest cooked on an outdoor grill, you can recreate this recipe in your kitchen with the help of a cast iron skillet. You’ll need four long wooden skewers for this recipe.
  1. 2 dried guajillo peppers, stemmed
  2. 1 dried chile de árbol, stemmed
  3. 1 teaspoon paprika
  4. ½ teaspoon fine sea salt
  5. 4 unshucked ears of corn 2 limes, halved
  6. ¼ cup Crema Mexicana (or mayonnaise)
  7. ½ cup crumbled cotija cheese
  1. Place dried peppers in a small skillet over medium-low heat and toast until fragrant. Add dried peppers to a blender or spice grinder and process to a fine powder. Transfer to a small bowl and add paprika and salt. Mix to combine; set aside.
  2. Warm a large cast iron skillet over medium-high heat for 5 minutes or prepare an outdoor grill. Cook corn on skillet or grill for 10 minutes, turning every 2 minutes. Remove from heat and, when cool enough to handle, pull back husks. Remove and discard corn silk. Carefully insert the sharp end of a skewer into the flatter end of an ear. Squeeze half a lime, drizzle 1 tablespoon crema, and sprinkle 2 teaspoons cheese to coat each ear. Finish with about ¼ teaspoon chile mixture each.
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Chef Hugo Ortega

Hugo Ortega is executive chef/co-owner of four of Houston’s top restaurants – Backstreet Cafe, Hugo’s, Caracol and Xochi, and winner of Best Chef: Southwest at the prestigious 2017 James Beard Foundation Awards. (He was a finalist for the award for six consecutive years, 2012- 2017.) Ortega has been recognized locally, nationally and globally for his inspirational story and his passion for sharing traditional Mexican cooking and culture.

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