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Shop Talk: Black Radish Creamery

This family-owned creamery started its cheese journey in an untraditional way. After co-founder John Reese finished culinary school and decided to go into cheesemaking, he and his wife Anne unintentionally started their business, but there was a different product at the forefront. “We created a special fruit preserve for the cheese plate at our wedding,” says Anne. “It was a hit, so we began selling the preserve at our local farmers’ market, thinking the cheese wouldn’t be far behind.” After a few setbacks, the Reeses opened their first cheese and accompaniments shop in 2016. A year later, they started selling their own cheeses alongside their preserves. “Since we sell and produce our own artisanal cheese, we have a unique perspective to offer and educate our customers,” Anne says. The Reeses trust that their commitment to quality and hospitality sets them apart from other shops. “We believe buying cheese should involve a conversation, a bit of history, a sensory experience, [and] a window into local or faraway cultures,” Anne says. “We try to put some of this into every interaction we have with our guests.”

culture: What is your favorite cheese and preserve pairing?

John Reese: Depends on the season really, but you can’t go wrong with our Billionaire preserve (strawberry, rhubarb, Beaujolais wine, and vanilla bean) and a ripe bloomy rind.

Anne Reese: Agreed. This is the special pairing we created for our wedding and what started our entire preserve product line, so it’s also got a bit of nostalgia for us as well.

culture: Do you have a mentor who inspired you?

JR: For me, after the general love of cheese, I’d have to say Danny Meyer. It doesn’t matter what you are selling; when you have a culture of great hospitality behind the counter, the passion behind the focus of the business easily shines through and is shared with others.

AR: I can’t name one in particular that I would specifically call a mentor. However, I can share that I have found great inspiration from reading through Ari Weinzweig’s signature book collection on business at Zingerman’s.

culture: What is the weirdest cheese pairing you’ve ever had…and did you like it?

JR & AR: Gjetost and a local sherry-finished bourbon whiskey. It worked surprisingly well!

Inside North Market
Sun.–Mon.10 a.m.–5 p.m.
59 Spruce St.
Tues.–Sat.9 a.m.–7 p.m
Columbus, Ohio 43215

Monica Petrucci

Monica is Culture's former Social Media Editor. Coming from a formaggio-obsessed Italian family, she was very excited to combine her passions for cheese and writing at Culture. She loves experimenting in the kitchen and pairing wine and cheese in her spare time.

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