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A Taste of England with Westminster’s Rustic Red

Just 15 miles from the iconic village of Cheddar, England, you’ll find the birthplace of Westminster’s Rustic Red: A sweet, nutty cow’s milk cheese based on a territorial cheese recipe with a modern twist. This beloved and one-of-a-kind cheese comes from a historic group of cheesemakers: The Barber Family, the oldest cheddar-making family in the world, with over 180 years of generational cheesemaking experience. There are not many cheeses that come from this pedigree—an indication of the high standards achieved in quality.

What sets Rustic Red apart from any other cheddar lies in the unique cheesemaking process. The addition of the Helveticas cultures—an ingredient that started out as a happy accident—creates a sweet-yet-savory experience, while the calcium lactate textures help break down the cheese on the palate to let a sweet creaminess develop. The result? A vibrant cheddar with crave-worthy notes of burnt sugar that stands out on any cheeseboard and provides an explosion of flavor after every bite.

We recommend enjoying Rustic Red by experimenting with a myriad of different pairings; it’s a versatile cheese that can accompany a variety of accompaniments—both sweet and savory. But if you want to take your experience to the next level, we recommend enjoying a hefty chunk of Rustic Red with fresh pears, walnuts, and a glass of Bordeaux. The tart and fresh fruit, earthy nuts, and full-bodied red match perfectly with the caramelized notes of this supreme cheddar. 

Elevate your summertime picnics with this nutty and vibrant cow’s milk cheddar that comes from generations of cheesemaking experience. Cheers to a modernized classic!

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