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Maine Crisp Gets Crunchy

For as much as we here at culture talk about cheese, there’s really nothing like the perfect cracker to make a cheese truly shine. But perfection isn’t always easy to find: too much salt, too much spice, too much crunch, not enough crunch, and you’ve got a problem. This summer, we’ve found a cracker that checks off all the boxes.

Made with buckwheat grown in the northernmost county in Maine, Maine Crisp crackers are gluten-free, addictively crunchy, and made by hands that have an innate understanding of cheese. Karen Getz, who founded Maine Crisp with husband Steve in 2014, is a cheesemaker with a couple ACS awards under her belt, as well as extensive baking, dairy farming, and teaching experience. Maine Crisp Co. is the result of a decades-long journey that spans a continent and is now part of the economic revitalization of downtown Waterville, Maine. Read the Getzes’ multi-faceted saga here.

But back to the crisps: In honor of Maine’s signature fruit, we’re sampling Maine Crisp’s Wild Blueberry Walnut variety topped with some sweet and creamy cheddar. The crackers themselves are toothsome and lightly savory, with a subtle herbaceous grace note thanks to a hint of rosemary. They’re a perfect foil to a soft cheese—we’d recommend a chalky chèvre or Gorgonzola as an alternative to cheddar. No cheese? No problem! These crisps are excellent on their own, or you can double down on the blue notes with a dollop of blueberry jam. Happy snacking!

Sponsored by Maine Crisp.