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Asiago: A Culinary Journey Through Time

Asiago cheese traces its heritage to the Asiago Plateau, where its production dates back to the year 1000. Initially crafted with sheep’s milk, the cheese evolved in the 1500s with the rise of cattle farming, leading to the use of cow’s milk. The cheese-making techniques developed, expanding production to neighboring areas, creating a culinary legacy that endures to this day. Today, there are two versions Asiago—both made exclusively with cow’s milk—a Fresh Asiago and an Aged Asiago.

Fresh Asiago – Aged at least 20 days

Fresh Asiago, born from the traditions of the DOP region and infused with innovative cheese-making technology from the early 20th century, presents a young, vibrant flavor. With notes of milk fresh from the cow, this cheese melts in the mouth, releasing sweet and slightly sour delights.

Its paste is white or straw yellow in color, with marked and irregular holes. It is produced with whole milk using bovine or vegetable rennet, and left to mature for at least 20 days. When it exceeds 40 days of maturation, it is called Asiago DOP Riserva.

Aged Asiago – Aged at least 3 months

Aged Asiago is produced with partially skimmed milk and is matured for a minimum of three months. It is a flavorful cheese with a strong personality. It should be chewed slowly to allow its aromatic notes to develop in your mouth. There are three ages of Aged Asiago:

  • Asiago Mezzano: Aged for 4 – 10 months, this cheese boasts a full yet sweet flavor.
  • Asiago Vecchio: Matured for 10-15 months, it presents a strong, lightly piquant flavor.
  • Asiago Stravecchio: Aged for more than 15 months, this cheese reveals an intense, richly savory flavor.

Taste the Tradition: GIVEAWAY ALERT!

3 lucky winners will receive the Asiago PDO Tasting Box featuring three delicious cheeses:

  • 1 quarter wheel of Fresh Asiago PDO (aged at least 20 days)
  • 1 quarter wheel of Asiago PDO Mezzano (aged 4 to 10 months)
  • 1 quarter wheel of Asiago PDO Vecchio (aged 10 to 15 months)

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